Top hackers girls who has turned IT-World upside down


In this article we are talking about very real women who, better than many men, know how to transfer money from someone else’s bank account and make even the Pentagon representatives worry. Christina Svechinskaya is one of the most recognizable female hackers. This Stavropol brown-haired woman forced the whole world to speak about herself and first of all the United States of America. At home, Christina studied at the university and was very tired of large sums in her bank account. With the hope of making money, Christina went to the United States on the program Work and Travel. However, an ambitious girl did not inspire the modest income earned by her work in fast food, and she got involved in matters that radically changed her life.While in America, Svechinskaya began to open accounts for the names of non-existent personalities — Svetlana Makarova and Anastasia Opokina. It is precisely to these names that soon, armed with the help of male colleagues, the girl will transfer millions of dollars… (read more)



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