Scotch, adhesive strands of hair and other tricks of the stars which was shooted by paparazzi

28 октября, 2022 0 Автор Protect your finances

Part of the profession of stars — look your best. Clothing with needles, perfect body, silky skin and magnificent hair … Here it is the standard image of a celebrity. Nevertheless, is this all true? Often, to achieve such results, famous ladies have to go for tricks and ask to the help of professionals.

However, sometimes something goes wrong and what the public should not have seen comes out for everyone to see. Chest, glued with scotch tape, torn off curls, slimming underwear. What only tricks of the stars did not fall into the lenses of photographers… Eva Longoria often told in interviews that she was using corrective underwear, and her soothing shorts even fell into the paparazzi lenses several times.