False attractions

28 октября, 2022 0

If you dream of real travel and immersion in the history and atmosphere of the place where you are going, you should avoid these attractions. After all, there is not only that crowds of tourists gather all year round, so also the legends with which these places are shrouded have little to do with reality. Some of them were created in order to capitalize on the popularity of any film, while others were designed to use distortion in history.

Piz Gloria, Switzerland

Fans of James Bond will surely remember the beautiful views from the restaurant Piz Gloria, which is depicted in the 1969 film On the Secret Service of Her Majesty. Actors from the film On the Secret Service of Her Majesty on the set in Pizza Gloria – a restaurant built specifically for the film. When producer Hubert Fröhlich was on the scene, it turned out that the restaurant was not ready yet. The production company paid for the completion of the construction of the restaurant as part of a special agreement with the film studio.